I-06: Full Approaches

Flying full approach including course reversal

Recommended aircraft: slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior) , fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca)

Note: SID version numbers change from time to time. Be sure to make sure you are using the most current version of a procedure.

Fly from KLAX to KSNA and fly a full approach from SLI, without vectors to final. Using our newfound knowledge of TEC routes from the previous ratings, we know that we should file LAXX8.SLI for jets at 5000, or SLI6.SLI for turboprops at 5000, or SLI6.SLI for good ol' pistons at 4000.

Where possible, ATC usually provides vectors to the final approach course, culminating in the familiar phrase "5 from the marker, fly hdg 220, maintain 2500 until established, cleared for the Easy Peasy 19R approach," or something along those lines.  There are times, however, when ATC will not provide such vectors, leaving the pilot to navigate themselves from the enroute structure (airways) to the various segments of the approach.

Prior to SLI, you'll be cleared for the ILS RWY 19R approach and will be expected to fly the FULL approach as published.  This is the same approach as the one used in the I-1 rating, however, this time, you will not be vectored to the final approach course by ATC.

There are 4 radials identified out of SLI? Which one should you fly? All of this, and a lot more is covered in the Reference article below, Flying the Full Approach.


Required Materials
KLAX Facility Chart
KSNA Facility Chart
KSNA ILS 19R approach chart
John Wayne ILS rwy 19R approach chart

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