Transcript: Pattern Work at KSNA

Sample Transcript of pilot doing pattern work at KSNA

N132KT: John Wayne Ground, Piper 132KT is at east ramp, request taxi to the active for pattern work, we have the weather

SNA_GND: Piper 2KT, John Wayne Ground, runway 19L taxi via Alpha, Lima

N132KT: Taxi to rwy 19L, via Alpha, Lima, Piper 2KT

After pulling up to the runway, we make our call to the tower...

N132KT: John Wayne Tower, Piper 132KT ready for closed traffic, rwy 19L

SNA_TWR: Piper 2KT, John Wayne Tower, left closed traffic approved, rwy 19L, cleared for takeoff

N132KT: cleared for takeoff, 19L, left closed traffic, Piper 2KT

We then fly our traffic pattern, as normal. Unless the controller asks you to report 'midfield downwind', or 'turning base', then don't say anything. He knows you're there and will give you your landing clearance when it's appropriate. That said, if you're about to turn base an haven't yet received a landing clearance, then it's time to say something.

SNA_TWR: Piper 2KT, traffic on a 1 mile base for 19L is a Skyhawk, report in sight

N132KT: traffic in sight, Piper 2KT

SNA_TWR: Piper 2KT, number 2 behind the Cessna, rwy 19L, cleared for the option

N132KT: cleared for the option behind the Cessna, Piper 2KT

The 'option' means we can do a low approach, touch and go, stop and go, or full stop landing. We turn base, then land and choose to come to a stop. We clear the runway and hold our position.

N132KT: Piper 2KT clear of rwy 19L, request taxi back to 19L

SNA_TWR: Piper 2KT, taxi to rwy 19L

N132KT: back to 19L we go, Piper 2KT

and so it continuess for 3 laps around the pattern