I-05: SIDs and STARs

Intro to SIDs/STARs, Burbank to Vegas

Recommended aircraft: turboprop (Pilatus PC-12, Piper Meridian, King Air) , Big Iron (Commercial airliners) , jet (Cessna Citation, Gulfstream)

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Fly from Burbank (KBUR) to Las Vegas (KLAS) via the following routing:

  • VNY1.DAG.CLARR2 (non RNAV jet)
  • VNY1.DAG.KEPEC3 (RNAV jet)
  • VNY1.DAG.CRESO3 (piston or turboprop)

Read the TEXT of the departure carefully, the controller will expect you to fly it as published.

Note: there are actually two cockpit videos above, one showing the flight being conducted with VOR/DME, the other with FMS. Use the 'next' link above the video to see the 2nd video.

Required Materials
KBUR facility chart
VNY1 Departure
Van Nuys One departure SID for KBUR
VNY1 Departure (page 2)
Van Nuys One departure for KBUR, page 2
CLARR2 arrival
KLAS facility chart

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