I-04: TEC route - dealer's choice

TEC - KSNA to the airport of the controller's choice

Recommended aircraft: turboprop (Pilatus PC-12, Piper Meridian, King Air) , fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca) , slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior)

Pilot will fly IFR from KSNA to a destination of the controller's choice, filing an IFR flight plan using the preferred routing. This ensures the pilot is able to refer to the published TEC routes correctly. Weather permitting, the pilot will conduct a visual approach at the destination airport.

The provided transcript is the same as the previous I-3 rating, since is serves as a reasonable example of a pilot flying a TEC route.

While an IFR clearance for a TEC route can normally be picked up without filing, the goal of this exercise is to have the controller nominate a destination, and have the pilot successfully locate the corresponding TEC route within the ZLA web site.  Follow the link to the TEC reference below, and then onto the ZLA TEC routes page to locate the applicable route and altitude for your type of aircraft. 

When you file your IFR flight plan, feel free to use the TEC route ID as the route of flight, rather than entering the entire route if you wish.

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