I-10: Non-precision app (LOC BC), holds, and diversions, oh my

LOC/DME BC-A into SMX, missed approch, hold, divert to SBP for VOR-A, circle to rwy in use

Recommended aircraft: slow piston (Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Warrior) , fast piston (Beech Baron, Piper Seneca)

File a flight plan from KSBA to KSMX, via FLOUT5.RZS, with an alternate destination of KSBP. File an altitude that is appropriate for the direction of flight, and above the MEA (Minimum Enroute Altitude) listed on the RZS transition of the SID.

Pick up the IFR clearance and depart from Santa Barbara (KSBA). Prior to reaching RZS, request the LOC/DME BC-A into KSMX (Localizer DME Backcourse Alpha into Santa Maria) and advise the controller of intention to execute the missed and divert to the filed alternate, KSBP. Upon reaching RZS, fly the approach into KSMX to minimums and then execute the missed approach as published, flying the hold at Guadalupe VOR. 

A parallel or teardrop entry will be used (pilot's choice) to become established in the hold, and then fly one complete lap of the hold.  Whilst in the hold, negotiate an IFR clearance to  San Luis Obispo (KSBP) via Morro Bay VOR (MQO).

Request the VOR-A full approach into KSBP.  The approach controller will specify the circling runway in the approach clearance. Perform a full stop landing on the runway specified by the controller.  Note the circling restrictions published on the chart, negating the option of circling north of the field.

Use the reference document in the 'related materials' section below for assistance with the backcourse approach and the hold entry for the missed approach.  The VOR-A into KSBP is similar in nature to the non-precision approach in the I-7 rating.  Be sure to depart MQO to the west to execute the course reversal (procedure turn).

Required Materials
KSBA facility chart
FLOUT5 departure
non-precision approach into KSMX
non-precision approach into KSBP
KSBP facility chart

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